Why discrepancy between "last year" and "lifetime" victimization?

Dr. Malcolm George of the St Bartholomew's and Royal London Hospital Medical School, author of Aggression in British Heterosexual Relationships, suggests:

[T]he British Home Office study published 1999) showed that men do not report assaults that happened long ago. The break down of life time victims by how long ago was the last assault showed that women were far more likely to report that the last assault they experienced was more than ten years ago.

Further this study showed that almost no male victim of assault considered he had suffered a crime; mostly male victims explained their experience as "just one of those things that happens."

The item "beat up" is the most gender loaded item in the CTS. Most items are straight assault descriptors, but what does "beat up" mean?. I hazard that 'beat up' means something very different to a woman than it does a man.

Woman express more fearfulness and distress. Again this is a gendered response.