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Fells Acres Child Abuse Case

a National Public Radio Morning Edition report on difficulty in dismissing questionable child abuse charges against a man, when the women involved were cleared.

Aired Oct. 27, 1999


National Public Radio (NPR) Morning Edition

Stanley Green
Stanley Green

Fells Acres Child Abuse Case

NPR's Tovia Smith reports on the latest development in the Fells Acres child abuse case in Massachusetts. Cheryl Amirault Lefave has been freed, and she and her lawyers are now working to free her brother Gerald. The two, with their mother, were convicted in the mid-1980s, when there was a rash of high-profile child abuse cases. Many of the cases were found to be based on children's unreliable testimonies, but this case is proving difficult to overturn. (5:12)

Stanley Green, a domestic violence survivor and certified victims' advocate who has been involved in cases involving false allegations of childhood sexual abuse, comments:

This man has been incarcerated several years for alleged sexual abuse of young children at a child-care center. Females had been convicted in the same case, then exonerated, based on the same evidence. The accused man received a much higher sentence.

The NPR piece includes a quote from a woman asserting that some high percentage of abusers are male, therefore this guy must be more guilty than the women.

This type of misandrist profiling, of course, is what I hear often when I do advocacy for battered men.

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