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Battered Men - The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence

Research on Battered Men

Research Findings

on Battered Men and Violent Women

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Every year, a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) 2010 report states, more men than women victims of intimate partner physical violence, psychological aggression. Over 40% of victims of severe physical violence are men. Another CDC report fouind that more males than females are subject to dating physical violence. An earlier CDC/NIJ study found that 1,510,455 women and 834,732 men are victims of physical violence by an intimate. This is according to a Nov. 1998 Department of Justice/Centers for Disease Prevention and Control report on the National Violence Against Women Survey. What does that mean? Every 37.8 seconds, somewhere in America a man is battered. Every 20.9 seconds, somewhere in America a woman is battered.

Here are some of the latest research findings related to battered men and violent women.

The purpose of this section of MenWeb is to present peer-reviewed papers, papers from refereed academic journals, and articles from other recognized academic journals, as they relate to battered men and violent women in intimate relationships. Our focus is to present concise and accurate summaries for policy-makers, concerned citizens and other non-academic audiences. Academic researchers and persons concerned about the the validity of the summaries presented here are urged to consult the original papers cited.

Academic researchers are encouraged to submit their papers to MenWeb for summary and distribution to a wider audience. Summaries are prepared in consultation with the author.

This research site is also an experiment in the use of "hyper-text" as a research aid. To the extent possible, citations in research reports on this site are "hot linked" to the article itself, if it's on MenWeb, or to a description of the cited research in Fiebert's comprehensive annotated bibliography of references examining assaults by women on their spouses or intimate partners.

  CDC 2010 National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey
Centers for Disease ControlMore men than women victims of intimate partner physical violence, psychological aggression. Over 40% of victims of severe physical violence are men.

  CDC 2009 Youth Risk Behavior Survey
Centers for Disease ControlTeen dating violence:
More males than females victims of physical violence

  Violence Against Women SurveyFull Rpt.
National Institute of JusticeNational Violence Against Women survey (National Institute of Justice/Centers for Disease Control) estimates 1.5 million women and 835,000 men battered each year.

  The risks men face
Bert H. HoffNational Violence Against Women survey (National Institute of Justice/Centers for Disease Control) shows that assaults by women are dangerous. Assaulted men more likely than women to be knifed, hit with an object. A re-look at NVAW survey data. Bert H. Hoff

  Violence Against Women SurveyLegal system response
National Institute of JusticeFor men: 13% reported, 1.6% arrests, no convictions, no jail time, 3.5% restraining orders.

  Statistics Canada report
UK flag44% of DV victims are men. In current relationships men as more likely to be victims of domestic violence.

  British Home Office report
UK flagMen as likely to be victims of domestic violence as women, according to a major British Home Office research study.

  Exploding Myths about ER data
     Data from NIJ, CDC refute myths that DV is leading cause of injury to women or causes more injuries than rape, auto accidents, and muggings combined. More than twice as many women visit ERs due to being injured by an animal than by a male partner.

  Controversy over DV by Women
     Leading researcher Dr. Murray A. Straus critiques the recent National Violence Against Women Survey, offers insights into the "politics" of domestic violence and whether the controversy will ever end.

  Why Women Batter
Dr. Martin FiebertDr. Martin Fiebert and Denise Gonzalez. It's about power and control more than reaction to abuse--same as for men. "He wasn't sensitive to my needs." "I wanted my partner's attention." "He wasn't listening."

  College men nearly as likely to be victims of unwanted sexual coercion
     So says a new study at the University of Washington. Here's the press release about it.

  Men's Reactions to Female Sexual Coercion
Psychiatric Times One of the long-standing myths about sexual coercion is that a woman cannot make a man have sex with her.


The Risk of Serious Physical Injury from Assault by a Woman Intimate. The National Violence Against Women Survey estimates that each year, 1,510,455 women and 834,732 men are victims of physical violence by an intimate. Re-examination of the NVAW survey data on the form of victimization suggests that of the 834,732 men assaulted by an intimate, 90,241 men will be knifed, 180,483 threatened by a knife, 360,965 hit with an object, 67,681 beaten up and 620,049 slapped or hit. Here are the data. This is a draft of a paper to be subjected to peer-review and submitted for publication.

Domestic Violence in Washington: 25,473 Men a Year Applying the National Violence Against Women Survey's national estimate of the annual rate of violence by an intimate to Washington suggests that each year 42,824 women and 25,473 men are victims of physical violence by an intimate. Re-examination of the NVAW survey data on the form of victimization and applying those results to Washington suggests that a knife will be used on 2,754 men, 5,508 will be threatened with a knife and 11,016 hit with an object. Here are the data. Note: This is not a peer-reviewed paper or a paper published or pending publication in an academic journal.

The Controversy over Domestic Violence by Women Pre-publication review of an article by Dr. Murray A. Straus. Dr. Straus' full papers are also on MenWeb:
The Controversy over Domestic Violence by Women and
Characteristics of the National Violence Against Women Study that Might Explain the Low Assault Rate for Both Sexes and the Even Lower Rate for Assaults by Women

Dr. Donald G. DuttonPatriarchy and Wife Assault: The ecological fallacy Dr. Donald G. Dutton. There's no one cause for domestic violence: some forms of psychopathology lead to some men adopting patriarchal ideology to justify and rationalize their own pathology. Feminist paradigm ignores contrary evidence.

Aggression in British Heterosexual Relationships
Michelle Carrado, M.J. George et al. Both sexes reported victimization with a higher percentage of men, mainly as a result of minor acts of assault. Almost equal percentages of men and women reported inflicting victimization.

Domestic Violence as seen in an Inner-City Emergency Room Men are victims of domestic violence as often as women according to a study involving 516 patients at the emergency department of Charity Hospital, New Orleans, La. Using the validated Index of Spousal Abuse, the researchers said 19% of the women patients and 20% of the men had experienced recent physical violence. They pointed out that some experts fear attention to domestic violence against men will de-emphasize the importance of services for women. Here is an abstract of that study, published in the August 1997 issue of the Annals of Emergency Medicine and reported in the August 27, 1997 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Society (JAMA. 1997;278:620)

References Examining Assaults by Women on Their Spouses or Male partners: An Annotated Bibliography by Martin S. Fiebert, California State University, Long Beach. This bibliography examines 123 scholarly investigations: 99 empirical studies and 24 reviews and/or analyses, which demonstrate that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners. The aggregate sample size in the reviewed studies exceeds 77,000. Updated 2001

Family Violence
Rev. Sam and Bunny Sewell. "This misunderstanding of the family violence issue is so pervasive that city and county governments, the courts, law enforcement, prosecutor’s offices, mental health clinics, and other tax supported agencies are now funding programs based on feminist propaganda rather than responsible scientific studies."

Studies comparing gender differences in dating violence A summary 0f 32 studies, at Rev. Jim & Bunny Sewell's Web site. Women are as likely to initiate violence, they say.

All Men Are Bastards. Dodgy figures and suspect ideological interpretations give the impression that violence by men against women is rampant says JOHN COOCHEY. The reality is very different. Article by John Coochey. Published in The Independent Monthly, November 1995

Police training
PATROL CONSTABLES' PERCEPTIONS OF WIFE ASSAULT SENSITIVITY TRAINING: A QUALITATIVE EVALUATION by Theresa Petkau. "a social construction fraught with oversimplifications, dramatizations, and contradictions."

Debunking DV Factoids
Dr. Richard GellesDr. Richard Gelles, a leading researcher in the field, points out that many of the factoids cited by domestic violence advocates are false or misleading. Dr. Gelles co-authored Behind Closed Doors, the book that first made America aware of the extent of domestic violence.

Research quotes
     Quotes from other research studies


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