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Battered Men - The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence
Media Coverage of Battered Men

More Women Arrested for Domestic Violence

What does it mean?
Media coverage offers differing opinions

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On November 23, 1999 The New York Times featured an article on women arrested in domestic disputes, written by Carey Goldberg, Boston bureau chief for the Times. The next day, papers around the country picked up an Assocaited Press story from California. These stories present the opinions of many experts as to what this means. Columnist Cathy Youhg sees a common thread of denying or minimizing violence by women and feminists playing the victim game, as she wrote in an Op-Ed piece in The New York Times.

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New York Times Nov. 23, 1999
Spouse Abuse Crackdown, Surprisingly, Nets Many Women
by Carey Goldberg

Defenders of battered women long struggled to persuade authorities to crack down on brutal men who reigned by the fist at home. But those crackdowns have produced an unexpected consequence: in some places, one-quarter or more of arrests for domestic assault are not of men but of women.

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New York Times Op-Ed response by Cathy Young
Feminists Play the Victim Game
The New York Times
November 26, 1999

An increasing number of women are being arrested for domestic assaults, and the response to this news shows just how pervasive sexist attitudes still are in our culture.

But this time the sexism is coming from feminists and their allies, who insist that most women arrested must have acted in self-defense. This sentimental insistence on female innocence does no service to women, who should be treated as human beings with a capacity for aggression and held equally accountable for their actions.

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Associated Press story
Domestic Case Arrests of Women Rise
by James O. Clifford

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- There was a time when police officers handled a domestic violence call by telling angry men to take a walk and cool off. They still do, but the walk is straight to jail. And increasingly, it's the woman who takes the hike.

Police in at least 24 states now receive training in how to decide who is the "primary aggressor," a term that doesn't necessarily mean the person who struck the first blow or even caused the most damage, according to the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges.

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