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Battered Men - The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence
Battered Men in Washington and Nationwide

Domestic Violence Against Men

Readers Respond


Here are some of the responses I've received about this domestic violence initiative. I do not (yet) have permission to use names in some instances, so specific references have been removed.


from Great Britain
Brilliant idea! I took a look at your link. Please can we have a copy of the full bill?

Keep plodding on ... In UK things are happening... After years of the Conservative government saying 'No' the new government is saying yes:

  • to unmarried fathers having a legal standing
  • to widowers receiving the same state benefits as widows
  • to fathers having a role in the family
  • to finding some way of enforcing contact/access/visitation
Even in child support, fathers are no longer called 'absent', but they are still 'non-resident'. Can you think of a better title? I like 'other parent.'

David Cannon
Shared Parenting Information Group (UK)
David Cannon ----------------------------------------

from the Northeast
I would appreciate a copy of the proposed bill. I teach at [a] Community College, and would like to use it to inspire my classes.

Click here if you have comments or suggestions, want to be notified of legislative updates, or want a copy of the actual bill.


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